A Frank Leveling with the CEO of Fannit on SEO


How to look at SEO all Wrong

There are 10 positions, or less, on the front page of search engines with thousands of competitors to stack up against in the race for top positioning. The right, precious, “key-terms,” when ranked, will drastically change your business into a smoking profit empire… unfortunately, this isn’t the reality of keyword ranking. Here at seattle seo we take a different approach.


Not only does this sound like a crazy job for most underpaid SEO’s, but also, think about the logic? If it was that easy to build a business off of the top positions in any marketing medium you’d just need some money for your marketing efforts and you could call it good. Frankly, this is too good to be true. Before you think that throwing money at marketing is going to solve your company’s scaling problems, it’s crucial to consider what REAL SEO is.

How to look at SEO correctly

The premise of good SEO marketing is that you’re building a good business. Try to do the reverse and you’ll fail every time. In the end, you’ll need to hack your way to the top of search engines (no long term profit potential there). No, the basis of attaining high rankings is to get high PR back-links from trusted relevant websites. That’s the easy part! We’ve got the team to get our clients rankings and impressions. The hard part is convincing a business owner who is starting out (or new to marketing) that they need to change their business model to flow traffic and leads into a marketing automation system that helps them increase their closing ratios.

What our clients can expect from us is that we will increase their bottom line lead volume and conversion rates. I trust that every business owner, when it comes down to it, is looking for long-term success with their online marketing, not a short term fix to their rankings.

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